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Behind Smala App, discover the values and the team that create family game apps.


Smala manifesto

Life challenges us with its share of obligations and constraints. Everything goes fast, too fast, and the best things in life pass us by. With Smala, what we want to offer to families, is time.


Sometimes we wish we could extend our table and have it reach, like a bridge, between two shores. To invite the rest of the family to dinner. Or be able to draw a magic window on the wall that would open into Grandma and Grandpa’s house, to blow a kiss. We see Smala as an invitation to be together.


Family sandbox, surprise package or memory box… we imagine Smala to be the best of our shared family moments. Smala is a space to accompany each other, see each other grow, get to know each other better and share our memories.


We’re looking for a technology that is gentle, unifying and non-invasive. We would like technology to enrich our relationships rather than distract us. Smala is our collective family journal that gathers our memories and keeps them in a safe place.


By creating playful and shared experiences, we want to allow families to have fun together, and to be sincere and authentic in their relationships. At the heart of these intergenerational exchanges, we dream of Smala as the new meeting place where family ties and love are created.

TOBO, a family-friendly studio

Tobo is a digital creation studio dedicated to children and families. Co-founded by 3 moms in Montreal in 2012, Tobo innovates and creates original, relevant and compelling digital offers for children from 4 to 104.

Children + grandparents + play = relationship

We had noticed the strong connection between children and their grandparents when they were playing together. Playing is a moment of sharing in the present moment when roles can be swapped. It’s a universal and intergenerational language.

Maintaining connection despite the distance?

Within the team, many of us live with the challenges of distance, having family scattered on every continent, or simply throughout the vast territory of Canada.
We wondered how we could maintain family bonds, knowing that the real highlights are in the small surprises and emotions of everyday life.

Master of your data, and your privacy

Parents within the team felt a sense of responsibility in maintaining inter-family relationships, and guilt in not doing so as they wished. Many communication tools exist, but are not adapted for children. We were also preoccupied by the growing concern with the use of presonal data by social networks.

The need was there… so together, we designed Smala!


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