5 most fun family games to play

A mother and her kids together for a family game night

Family is where life begins and love never ends. But sometimes the distance, the time passing or the small quibbles take us away. Thanks to some moments that allow us to meet together! These times are an opportunity for young and old, friends and relatives to spend quality time and to rebond. What could be better than organizing fun family games to reconnect with cousins, getting to know step-parents, entertain grandpapa and amuse the kids?

Playing… is it a pastime for kids? Far from it! And yet, very often, this is how we view games. However, for young and old, including teenagers and even animals, the importance of play is evident. Everyone loves to play! Playing means expressing oneself, creating, co-existing, connecting with and respecting others. A simple family game creates, nourishes and feeds on relationships

Here are 5 games to play with your family, from children to grandparents, to create links while having fun!



1 – A game to develop complicity: An indoor family treasure hunt! 

Kids playing outside doing a family scavenger hunt game

Organize a big family treasure hunt at home (or the cottage) with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and/or cousins. Divide yourselves into three teams: one team that hides the treasure and two teams that compete to find it! Cooperation, collaboration and loads of fun… 



2 – A game to make us feel good: The Characteristic Game 

Parents and kid playing fun family games outdoor

This is a great game for the whole family to play. Get everyone together in a group and ask one person to leave the group (go where they can’t hear what’s being said). The others in the group each name one of the absent person’s essential characteristics or qualities – which are written down. When done, the absent person is called back and guesses which person named which characteristic. It’s awesome to help people feeling good!



3 –  A game to calm the household: The Sovereign of Silence 

A kid playing at The Sovereign of Silence - a game to do with kids who are a little too noisy

The house is noisy and you just want a bit of quiet? Play the Sovereign of Silence! The Sovereign of Silence is blindfolded in the center of the room, with an object placed behind them. One of the other players must try to take the object without being noticed. If the Sovereign of Silence hears the player, they point to the direction where the noise was heard. If the player who moved was in that direction, they return to their place. If the player succeeds in taking the object, they are crowned the new Sovereign of Silence. Play in silence, a good recipe for a household a little too agitated!



4 – A game to personalize: The family totem!

A pebble totem made during a day of homemade family games

Create your totem using a set of building blocks or stones. Let each family member choose a piece and decorate it in their image to represent them in the construction. Then take a photo of the totem and share it on Smala for those who are far away! A unique co-creation that represents us with authenticity.



5 – A fun family game to be done with long – distance family: The Hot and Cold game

A couple laughing in front of a screen during an evening of Fun interactive family games

Here is a family game to play at home with family living on another continent: Organize a Hot and Cold game on video chat. Instructions: Family members in, for example Montreal, ask a relative living in, say Timbuktu, to help them hide an object in their Timbuktu home. Montreal calls Timbuktu on video chat and challenges the other family members in that home to find the hidden object. Timbuktu activates the front camera on their device and begins the search. Montreal players shout “Hot!” or “Cold!” depending on whether the Timbuktu players are closer or further from the object’s hiding place!

Everyone should have a good laugh, and this game is perfect for hiding a gift!

Games and play activities are essential to activate the complicity. Do not let the distance and the time stretch our links. Let’s have fun !



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