Top 5 family games and activities to do from a distance

You’re affected by the containment measures and you miss your family. When distance or circumstance keep us apart, it’s time to use our imagination to remain close, even virtually. Social and family interactions are essential in maintaining the bonds between us, and providing moral support when we need it. Laughter and games are excellent remedies! Technology can be a lifeline right now: with smartphones, tablets, computers, webcams and multiple communications services, we’re just a click away from each other. All you need to do is connect and share a warm and friendly moment together, inspired by these tips.



1. Family candlelight dinner

Organize a family candlelight dinner. Those who are remote can participate by video call. Darken the room, light a few candles, and enjoy some yummy food with tasty stories…



2. Family Storytime

Conte en famille

Organize a family story evening. Parents, children and grandparents can meet remotely for storytime, by phone or video call.
You can read, recount memories or use your imagination. Put an hourglass in the middle, and each time it runs out, the storyteller changes but the story continues!



3. Long-distance play

Jeux de famille a faire a la maison

Organize a Hot and Cold game on video chat.

Instructions: Family members in, for example Montreal, ask a relative living in, say Timbuktu, to help them hide an object in their Timbuktu home. Montreal calls Timbuktu on video chat and challenges the other family members in that home to find the hidden object. Timbuktu activates the front camera on their device and begins the search. Montreal players shout “Hot!” or “Cold!” depending on whether the Timbuktu players are closer or further from the object’s hiding place!



4. A family costume dinner

Un totem en galets bricolé pendant un des jeux party famille

Get parents, kids and grandparents together for a special dinner… Those at a distance can participate by video call. Decide on a theme and everyone comes in costume. Lacking inspiration? Here are some ideas: The Addams Family, fairy tale villains or favorite animals… Delectable thrills and nuggets of family bonding are on the menu!



5. Sing, sing a song!

On chante sa vie

For one minute a day, just sing about everyday life. Mundane conversations like “Did you make your bed?” or “I’m going to do the dishes” or “Pass me the salt” become songs. It’s up to you to transform your lives into Broadway-worthy musicals! Then record yourselves with your phone and share it with those you love!


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