Create your confinement diary

Just because you’re confined doesn’t mean you should be bored! How do you occupy yourself while in isolation? What about the children? We’re living in a unique episode of modern history. Faced with isolation and widespread anxiety, it’s time to get creative!

Why not create a special confinement diary: a collaborative journal with photos, texts and drawings! The Smala application provides everything you need to do this. Your multi-generational family (children, parents, grandparents) can create a collective diary remotely, and share their small and big moments from day to day.

Take inspiration from the daily suggestions and challenges proposed in the application, or personalize your publications. Use the tools to post photos, drawings or text: everything is saved in the diary and shared with your loved ones.

For example, take a photo of your morning cup of coffee or the buds that appear on trees; share your childhood photos privately and securely; draw a rainbow; write down your wish list, your isolation menu, your favourite recipe or joke, or a message of encouragement.

It’s a great way to break the isolation and maintain social contact with those who matter to you. Share a little of your daily life, express your emotions, comfort others, laugh together, and emerge stronger from this collective adventure.

Write and save your story as a family, while protecting your data and keeping it within your private circles!

In the face of adversity, transform constraints into opportunities for special moments! Let’s use Smala to bring our loved ones together, even from afar.