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Personal data protection regulation, how to create a Smala, how to subscribe and more answers to your questions.


What is Smala?

Smala connects the family by having fun… but how?

Download the mobile Smala application on your phone or tablet for Android or Apple. You can also connect with your computer on the web version.


Create your account and invite your loved ones to join your smala: grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, sisters, brothers, young and old… bring the generations together and discover a safe and playful digital environment to share and have fun as a family!


  • Share playful and inspiring activities that are suited for everyone: drawing, writing, photos…
  • Answer fun questions and get to know each other
  • Exchange and share in your private and secure circle
  • Connect with your loved ones and gather memories

Can young children use Smala?

Of course! Smala is designed to be used independently by children as young as 4 years old… and with a parent, even the littler ones can participate. Smala offers activities that are attractive to children and adapted to their tastes and needs: creative ideas, mini-challenges, drawings, photos, short texts and messages.


Please note:

A tablet – if you have one – is the most suitable platform for children.

Is Smala available on various platforms?

Yes, Smala is available on many platforms: – as a mobile application, downloadable on smartphones and tablets for Apple and Android – as well as for computers on the web.


Your mother and children will be able to communicate directly (yes, even if you don’t have time to act as an intermediary ;-), get to know each other better, have fun together and build their relationship!


Please note:

Members of a smala group can seamlessly move from one platform to another.

So Smala has lots of ideas for family fun? What do you mean?

Every day of every week, Smala offers suggestions for creative activities, mini-challenges (photos, drawings, texts) so that everyone can express themselves, reach out and ignite family conversations 😉 There’s always plenty of inspiration to get to know your loved ones better.


Please note:

For even more ideas and inspiration to liven up your family life, check out the Smala blog

What exactly is Smala's memory box?

All your creations, exchanges and contributions in Smala are stored in this digital memory box. It’s accessible from your smala group, like a wonderful family album or journal… where your common story is being written every time you connect.

Can I print my Smala's journal or memory box?

This feature is planned but not yet available. Be patient, we will inform you in due time 😉

How does Smala protect privacy and secure data?

Smala applies the principles of “Privacy by Design” and aims for the highest international standards of data protection and security: GDPR, kidSAFE.



Smala provides you with private and secure spaces reserved exclusively for communication and content sharing between members of the same smala group.

With Smala, exchanges, communications and content sharing take place within the framework of closed groups (you know every member of the group). The data does not leave the group: your content is stored exclusively for that group, and no intrusion or sharing outside of the group is possible.



Your personal information is secured in a private network that is inaccessible from the outside, and under no circumstances sold to third parties.No content, unwanted or inappropriate links, or advertisements will impair the experience.



Account creation is reserved for those 16 years and older.
Parents who are account holders can create profiles for their children, with digital consent.
Your children under 16 years of age cannot join a smala group without your consent.



All members of a group can consult all content created in that group and can report inappropriate content to the group creator.
You will be able to view or even delete any of the content your children under 16 years of age have created.



Users own their content and can delete or remove it if they wish.

Is Smala GDPR-compliant too? What about kidSAFE?

Smala aims for the highest international standards of data protection and security.


Smala is designed to comply with the express consent

  • right to be forgotten
  • right to data portability

    Smala (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, click on the seal or go to www.kidsafeseal.com.


    For Smala, security and privacy are key concerns.

    Can I see the content posted? Moderate it?

    Yes! All members of a group can view all the content posted in their group. Content creators can delete their own creations. Account holders can delete their own creations, as well as those of all profiles associated with their account. When consulting content, if something seems inappropriate, you can report it to the group administrator by activating the exclamation mark icon associated with that content.

    What are good practices to follow in any sharing community?

    In Smala, posts remain in a private and secure circle. Privacy and security are priorities for us, so as a matter of good practice, we remind you to respect these ethical principles when posting: – respect public order, morality, the sensitivity of minors, the reputation, privacy and image of third parties; – do not share photos or information that is too personal, including passwords; – report any post deemed inappropriate, using the Smala moderation tool.

    Smala is available in which languages?

    French and English


    Please note:

    Different members of a smala group can seamlessly switch from one language to another.

    I want Smala!

    How do I install Smala on my smartphone or tablet?

    Simply download the mobile application from the Apple or Android.

    And what about Smala on a computer, is that possible?

    Yes! A simple click on this link is enough to access Smala’s web version: https://web.smala.family/en


    Please note:

    This web version does not offer a transactional system allowing for subscription. It is, however, accessible with a subscriber account. To subscribe, download the mobile app for Apple or Android.

    What are the minimum configurations supported by Smala?


    Phones & tablets

    Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 and +

    To ensure the optimal functioning of the Application, please ensure that you are connected to Wifi (broadband) to avoid the costs that could result from a 3G or 4G connection.


      • iOS 10
      • iPhone 5s
      • iPad (4th Gen)
      • iPad mini 3


      • Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
      • Equipment that is 3 years old or less. Some recent devices may not be supported. If you encounter any problems, please contact customer service at the following address: contact@smala.family.



    Operating system: Windows 7 and +, OS X 10.12 and +

    Internet browsers: We support the 3 most recent versions of these browsers: Edge, Safari, Firefox & Chrome

    Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 and +

    Computers that are 3 years old or less. Some recent devices may not be supported.

    The mobile web version is not supported. We invite you to download the mobile application.

    Now I'm creating an account.

    How can I create a Smala account?

    If you are at least 16 years old, all you need to do is enter the requested information by clicking on “Create an account” from the Login page.

    Why do I have to include birth date information?

    We need it to determine the age of users and, consequently, their authorizations within Smala (according to the GDPR), but also to propose appropriate content according to age (for example if users are old enough to write or not) and finally… to celebrate birthdays!!!!!


    Please note:

    This information – like all requested information – is not sold to third parties.

    How many profiles can I create under my Smala account?

    You can create up to six profiles (6 people) under your account at no extra cost if you subscribe (for example, members of your household: spouse and children).


    Please note:


    • These profiles connect with the same login information as you (username and password).
    • Parental consent is required to create a Profile for a child under 16 years of age.
    • Only the account holder can create smala group(s).
    • All profiles associated with a Smala account (up to 6) become de facto members of the smala groups created by that account. So, if your children have profiles under your account, they will automatically be members of any smala group you create or to which you are invited.

    What about the content created on Smala?

    The account holder is the designated owner of content produced by all the profiles under their account. The account holder also guarantees the content produced by the profiles under their account and may delete them.

    I have my first smala! How do I populate it? And create other ones?

    How do I invite friends and family to join my smala?

    All profiles associated with a Smala account (up to 6) become de facto members of the smala groups created by that account. So, if your children have profiles under your account, they will be de facto members of all the smala groups you create or to which you are invited.


    To invite others (not a profile associated with your account) to join your smala group, simply use the invitation button at the bottom of your Smala family activity board. Your guest will receive a choice of email or SMS invitation.


    Is it free for my guests?

    Yes. When you subscribe, all the guests in your smala groups participate for free.

    What is a smala group?

    This is a private group where you can create, share and save heartwarming original content. Use Smala tools and ideas designed for both young and old!

    I have an account. How many groups smala can I create?

    There’s no limit! To create a new smala (a new group), just use your account and create a new smala group through the dedicated management screen. For example, you can have a smala group with your immediate family and another smala group with your in-laws.


    Please note:

    All profiles associated with an account become de facto members of the smala groups created by that account.

    Who is responsible for a smala group? Can I invite/remove members? Moderate content?

    The creator of a smala group is also the administrator and possibly the moderator. Only the creator can decide to add or remove members, as well as delete content if considered inappropriate.


    Please note:

    • Any account holder (even if simply a member and not the creator of a smala group) can also delete the content associated with their own account (i.e. the content created by them and any profiles associated with their account).
    • Any member of a smala group can report content that they consider inappropriate. The creator of the group will then be notified.
    • If a member of the group is removed by the creator of that group, all content created by that member will also be removed.
    • A removal concerns an entire account, therefore all profiles that may be associated with it.
    • If the creator of a smala group deletes their own account, the transfer of group administration is proposed by email to the members of that smala group who hold an account.

    I want to subscribe to Smala! How can I do that?

    How does the 1st free month on Smala work?

    By creating an account, you automatically benefit from a free one-month (30-day) trial period. All features of Smala are accessible during this time.

    Why is there a fee for Smala?

    Unlike many free services and social media, Smala does not use your data, nor any advertising to generate revenue (because ‘if you’re not paying, YOU’RE the product’).


    The costs related to providing services (development of features, editorial facilitation, secure data hosting) are therefore borne by users, as is the case for many communication services or content consultation.

    How do I subscribe and manage my Smala subscription?

    You can subscribe through the Smala mobile application (not the web version). Your transaction and subscription conditions are managed by the App Store (Apple) or GooglePlay (Android) depending on your device.

    What does the monthly Smala subscription consist of?

    The monthly Smala subscription is for a period of 30 (thirty) days, tacitly renewed.

    What does the annual Smala subscription consist of?

    The annual Smala subscription includes two free months, compared to Smala’s monthly rate per year. It is a subscription for a complete 12-month period, tacitly renewed.

    How can I cancel a Smala subscription?

    A subscription can be cancelled at any time directly from your app store’s subscription management section:


    I benefit from a promotional code. How to proceed?

    To benefit from your promotional code:
    1. Download the application or use the web version
    2. Create your Smala account
    3. Send an email to contact@smala.family indicating:
    – the email address with which you created your account
    – your promotional code

    What if I need to contact you directly?

    Can I contact Smala?

    Please do. Here is our email address: contact@smala.family


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